Nathan Kantrowitz

My father in full bloom as a retired technocrat, New York City Planning Commission. My father, the father of modern demography, author of some studies of race and ethnicity from the civil war period to the modern era. He finished up his career as a demographer for New York City.

Felled by too many carbohydrates (bagels in particular) from government/agribusiness lies about a heart healthy diet, smoking for forty years, the stress of living in Reagan’s America and under attack by Kent State University from 1973 to 1983 due to my mother’s lawsuit against the hyenas (for gender discrimination) and the stress of his eldest son refusing to get a respectable white collar job and become a liberal.

Still, he lived for 83 years, although for the last two half of his heart was gone, he grew weak, and became somewhat religious.

Centuries of Litvak scholarship and wealth accumulation (often at the expense of the Belarussian peasantry to be sure) enabled him and other descendants of the Litvak and other Jewish ruling classes to advance civilization through their intellectual achievements and contributions. See also Kantorovich the mathematician of the USSR who worked on the problems of central planning, Kantorovich the Poet Laureate von die Deutsche Demokratische Republik, Ernst Kantorowicz, the murderer of Rosa Luxembourg and later tenured Professor of Medieval History at Princeton University, Norman Cantor, Professor of Medieval History, et al.